Side-Tear Personal Checks – Order At Discounted Rates Today

Side Tear Personal ChecksTo order personal checks online is the best way to go. You don’t have to go out and spend an hour or two just to reach the counters of the bank and fill up your requisition form for a standard check. You can in fact just use the time for some other important matters to deal with or use the time in choosing the design you want from hundreds of layouts that an online company is offering you. You can custom bank checks and be the master or your own checkbook design. Two formats that are widely used today are side-tear personal checks and top stub personal checks. Each has distinct features and it would depend on the user as to which will be more convenient for him.

Side-Tear Personal Checks – The Advantages

Isn’t it sometimes irritating to waste a check just because it was ripped while you were tearing it? Side Tear Personal Checks are easier to tear compared with top stub personal checks. They are less likely to rip as one would tear on the left side instead of on the top.

These types of checks operate in the same way that other formats of checks operate. They were just made to be torn on their left side instead of on the top. These checks are easier to grip. The essence is that, the less area one would have to tear; there is the less chance of the check being ripped apart.

This may sound so absurd and of little value but these can actually help those who write numerous checks in saving time and check pages. The design availability will not vary depending on the format of check. Whatever designs are available for top stubs will able be available for side tear.

Features of Top Stub Personal Checks

These checks are slightly larger in size. One essential feature of top stub personal checks is that they provide for a track of each transaction. They contain a small stub on top which is utilized in immediate recording of transactions. With the aid of this stub, balancing transactions become much more convenient. No extra check register record would be necessary to maintain since the important details are already recorded on the checkbook itself.

The stub also provides for a space where you can write your running balance after each issuance. There are other fields like taxes that a person can add on the stub depending on what he wanted to appear on it. It can even operate as an accounting book instead of creating a separate journal.

Order Personal Checks Online

The traditional method of personally going to your own financial institution to buy personal checks requires so much time and effort. There is an alternative method which is by going online just like how one does his shopping online. All you need is a personal computer and an internet connection.

To order personal checks online is definitely hassle-free. It is doing your transactions in a more convenient way rather than going in the traditional and long method. No banking hours to be checked against your availability. You need not worry for the necessary travel time from your office to the bank. Meaning, you will be saved from time pressures as you will be required by your boss to be on your post during working hours. Also, there is no manual form to be filled out.

How to Buy Personal Checks

Interested buyers must first seek legitimate online companies. Soliciting advice from acquaintances that also use personal bank checks will surely help in directing you to their trusted sites. Once you have your list of sites, you can already browse on their designs and find one that best suit your personality and needs. Every site will display sample layouts so that it will be easier for you to visualize the final product.

Aside from the design, companies also offer various kinds of check lay-outs. Some checks can let you have a duplicate or carbon copy of the original. Also, there are wallet versions and desk versions. There are sizes that you can choose from.

Once you are done with choosing the design for your side-tear personal checks, you will be required to enter your account details in the fields provided for in the site. You’ll need your most recent checkbook for this as you would be asked for the beginning check number. Your account number and routing number will also be required.

Pay for Personal Bank Checks

When you buy personal checks online, don’t be surprised if the site will ask you to leave your credit card number or your pay pal account, some may just require a bank account. You will be required to enter your name, your delivery address, and necessary account details depending on the method of payment you’ll select.

Before you enter these confidential details, make sure that the site is using the SSL technology which keeps your confidential information secured through encryption. You will know this if a padlock image is present which is usually at the right bottom part of the web page.

Why Buy Personal Checks Online

The answer to this question is simple. It is convenient, fast, and economical. It is convenient because the client will be relieved from personally transacting with the bank and spend long hours for the travel time and for waiting in the line.

It is fast. Checks ordered online are delivered right before your door. Unlike in bank branches where you are still required to go back on a certain date to get your checkbook; when you order personal bank checks online you will be required to enter your delivery address and wait for it to come in one to two business days.

Buying side-tear personal checks online is also economical. Because of tight competition in the market, many companies are offering special discounts or special rates for their services. Banks do not have this pricing scheme with regards to their checks as they offer them for a fix and standard price.

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